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2015 HKLB Legislative Endorsements

Organizations listed are those that brought the request to HKLB; they are often working in partnership with other organizations to pass a bill, but can be used as a point of contact for further information.

  1. Transportation Funding Package  (Bicycle Transportation Alliance)  

Increase funding for non-highway transportation, including (but not limited to) transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

  1. Safe Routes to School For Every Kid: Portland metro-area effort  (Bicycle Transportation Alliance)  

Secure funding from Metro Regional Government to implement Safe Routes to School programs at every school district in the Portland metro-area.

  1. Summer Learning Loss Prevention  (Oregon ASK)

Ensure that students have access to summer food, learning, and recreational activities to promote year-round nutrition and health, as well as to prevent summer learning loss.

  1. Toxic-Free Kids Act (Oregon Environmental Council)

Requires manufacturers or importers to report on the presence of certain high-priority toxic chemicals when they are used in products for children, and to phase them out.

  1. YouthPass Transportation Funding  (Oregon Environmental Council & Bicycle Transportation Alliance)  

Provides healthy and safe transportation to school and improves the healthfulness of learning environments.

  1. Health Care for All Children (Oregon Latino Health Coalition)

Ensures that all children in Oregon have access to the health care services they need to be successful in school and throughout their lives.  UPDATE:  now removes administrative barrier that prevents OHA from serving all kids, but does not affirmatively provide coverage.

  1. Improving School Nursing (Oregon Nurses Association)

This proposal aims to improve health and education outcomes for Oregon students by including school nursing in the coordinated school health and health transformation framework.

  1. Lottery Bonding for SBHC Construction Grants  (Oregon School-Based Health Alliance)

Secure capital grants for school-based health center construction so more kids have access to health care in school. School-based health care keeps kids healthy, learning, and thriving.

  1. Funding Formula Parity (Oregon School-Based Health Alliance)

Equalize funding across school-based health centers so they can provide comprehensive health care services to children and teens in school, keeping them healthy, learning and thriving.

  1. Funding for SBHC Expansion (Oregon School-Based Health Alliance)

Secure funding to support school-based health center expansion in eleven actively planning communities. School-based health care keeps kids healthy, learning, and thriving.

  1. Require CCOs to Collaborate with Educational Entities (Oregon School-Based Health Alliance)

Require CCOs to work with health and educational entities to integrate services for children and youth, ensuring they have the resources they need to be healthy, learning and thriving.

  1. Free Lunch for All Income-Qualified Kids (Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon)

Ensure all children at risk for hunger have access to free school lunch by eliminating the reduced-price lunch family co-pay for 30,000 students.

  1. Junk Food Marketing in Schools (Upstream Public Health)

Close a loophole that allows companies to market unhealthy foods and beverages at Oregon schools, so that kids will get consistently healthy food and food information while at school.

Official / Updated HKLB Endorsement Policy/Procedures:

  1. Steering Committee collects submissions (from member groups) in two stages:
  2. Rough proposals, e.g. “provide health coverage to all kids,” and
  3. Actual legislative language, when available.
  4. Steering committee reviews and makes recommendations to the full HKLB about endorsements.
  5. Full HKLB Coalition is invited to VOTE on proposals through a combined in-person or online process, with at least a month to consider/discuss with organization leaders/vote.
  6. Anything voted on by 85% of voting member groups can be considered HKLB endorsed
  7. Member organizations that do not participate in legislative activity or endorsements can request to be identified explicitly on HKLB website as opting out (all government partners are listed as Ex Officio, and therefore opted out.)
  8. Paper handouts and “advocacy issue” pages on the website should say

“Endorsed by the Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition. For a list of all members, and those that have opted out of endorsing this or any legislation, please see link.

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