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Physical Education helps kids learn!

You all knew this already, but here’s a great TedX  video:

Want Smarter, Healthier Kids?  Try Physical Education!   by Paul Zientarski

“I believe if we are going to resurrect daily physical education in schools it will be because the science continually shows that students who have been active and are fit do significantly better academically than their peers who have sat all day. Administrators and school boards are not concerned to a great deal about the health of students. Their concern revolves around students’ test scores for which they are held accountable. We have to show the value we bring to the educational system in terms of improving academic performance. Physical education enhances learning if moderate to vigorous movement is maintained in class.

With that in mind, my administration asked me to create a Zero Hour PE class, described in SPARK, which morphed into “Learning Readiness PE” or LRPE for short. Over the years of collecting data we discovered that students who had physical education 1 or 2 hours before a class they struggled in, such as reading and math, they did significantly better than students in the same academic class that had physical education afterward. Data can be looked at on our website http://www.learningreadinesspe.com”

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