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Oregon Safe Schools Summit, January 2017

Mark you calendars now for the Oregon Safe Schools Summit, January 5th, 6th and 7th, 2017, at Lewis & Clark College.

  • What do we need in order to support socially, physically and psychologically safe learning environments and communities for all LGBTQIA2S+ students and families in Oregon?
  • How does that vision fit with what is required legally at the State and National levels?
  • How can we leverage data (including determining what is currently available and what is needed) to advance LGBTQIA2S+ equity in Oregon schools?
  • How can we leverage the power of narrative by amplifying the lived experiences of LGBTQIA2S+ students and families?
  • Can the Summit result in producing data and/or other resources that can be used as tools for policy making and supporting accountability to policy?

For more information, to submit a workshop proposal, or to offer to join the planning committee, see:    http://www.oregonsafeschoolssummit.org/

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