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PE in the News

HKLB members worked hard in 2007 to pass HB 3141, requiring that all elementary and middle school students in Oregon get science-based minimum amounts of Physical Education instruction each week.  (Studies show that adequate daily physical activity helps kids perform better in other subjects and also be healthier and kids as later as adults — what’s not to love??)

Unfortunately, the bill was passed with a long implementation horizon — ten years! — and as the “due date” approaches, little progress has been made toward compliance with the law.

HKLB members, and the P.E. for All Kids (PEAK) Coalition will be working to ensure that all schools move toward compliance in 2017 and beyond.  Meanwhile, other voices want to remove the requirement that all kids get adequate P.E. instruction.  See here for an August 2016 article in the Portland Tribune to learn more.   Happily, Senate President Peter Courtney is on our side.  “Courtney said he is unwilling to compromise on the required number of minutes but could consider a phased-in approach to meeting the standard.”



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