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HKLB Releases 2017 Legislative Endorsements

The Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition is proud to share our 2017 Legislative Endorsements, which are listed here along with their primary HKLB sponsor organizations:

  1. Cover All Kids:  Oregon Latino Health Coalition
  2. Sustainable Funding and Infrastructure to meet Required School Nurse Ratios:  Oregon School Nurses Association, Oregon Nurses Association
  3. Expand School-Based Health Centers:  Oregon School-Based Health Alliance
  4. Increase Support of School-Based Mental Health Services:  Oregon School-Based Health Alliance
  5. (Continue/expand pilot project to) Develop a Trauma-informed Approach to Education:  Oregon School-Based Health Alliance
  6. Raise the Age of Purchase for Tobacco to 21:  American Heart Association
  7. Tax E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Solutions:  Coalition of Local Health Officials, Oregon Medical Association, Oregon Nurses Association
  8. Establish a Tobacco Retail License System:  Coalition of Local Health Officials, Oregon Nurses Association
  9. Expand Safe Routes to School Program:  The Street Trust (formerly Bicycle Transportation Alliance)
  10. Implement Required PE minutes:  American Heart Association
  11. Invest in Public Health Modernization:  Coalition of Local Health Officials

The Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition also endorse(d) Oregon Ballot Measure 97, to increase revenue for Oregon schools, seniors, and social services.

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