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Oregon Chronic Absenteeism Plan Released

Nearly five years after the Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition successfully fought to establish chronic absenteeism as a key indicator for Oregon school districts (and later for schools,) the state finally has a chronic absenteeism plan.  It recognizes the significance of chronic absenteeism as a predictor of dropout, and it also recognizes the importance of addressing underlying health factors that often contribute to chronic absenteeism.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the Governor’s proposed budget, released on the same day as the plan, does not have funding earmarked to take on this project.

OPB article about the release of the plan:  Oregon Releases Plan To Confront ‘Chronic Absenteeism’ In School

Oregonian article about the release of the plan:  State finally inks plan to combat rampant school absenteeism

Actual plan from the Oregon Department of Education and partner agencies:  HB 4002: Chronic Absenteeism Statewide Plan





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