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Coalition History

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In 2001-2002 school health leaders at the Department of Education and Public Health Division pulled together over 100 state and local partners to develop a strategic plan or “Blueprint” to advance school health in Oregon.  The Blueprint served as a foundation for a federal grant that was awarded to the Department of Education and Public Health Division from 2003-2008. The non-governmental members from the larger Blueprint planning group became the Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition.

Since its formation, the Coalition has advocated for and supported the following initiatives and policies:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education
  • Eliminating the School Breakfast Co-pay for Low Income Children
  • Health Care Coverage for Kids Expansion
  • HIV/AIDS Health Education
  • Including “Chronic Absenteeism” as an Achievement Compact in Education Reporting
  • Maintaining School-Based Health Center Funding
  • PEAK 8 Grants
  • Tobacco Free Schools
  • Physical Education Minimum Minutes
  • School Nurse Consultant at Department of Education
  • School Nurse Task Force
  • School Nutrition Standards for K-12 Schools
  • State Health and Physical Education K-12 Content Standards
  • Supporting the Oregon Healthy Teens Survey
  • Youth tobacco prevention policies, including raising the age of tobacco purchase to 21
  • Increased support of School-Based Mental Health
  • Developing a trauma-informed approach in education
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Public health investment and modernization
  • Ensuring that all children in Oregon have access to robust health care and quality education