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Please contact us if you are a participating member who is omitted or listed incorrectly.  If you are interested in joining our coalition, please see the “Become a Member” page.

Organizations are listed with their name, a hyperlink to their website, and the name of the primary contact(s) to this coalition.

* Indicates organizations that participate as ex-officio members, and which do not participate in lobbying activities or the legislative endorsement process.

American Heart Association:   Christina Bodamer

American Lung Association:  Tiffany Belser

American Society for the Positive Care of Children:  Joe Bergeron,  Kathleen Gorman, Kathleen Maloney

Cairn Guidance:  Liz Thorne

Children First for Oregon:  James Barta

* Environmental Protection Agency:

Friends of Outdoor School:  Kim Silva

Kaiser Permanente:  Rachel Burdon

MIKE Program (Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program):  Cheryl Neal,  Kristin Dreves

Multnomah Education Service District (MESD):  Margo Lalich

NW Behavioral Healthcare Services

Oregon ASK:  Beth Unverzagt, Susan Hamann

Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials (CLHO):

Oregon Dental Association:

Oregon Department of Education, Child Nutrition Programs:  Joyce Dougherty

* Oregon Department of Education, School Health and Physical Education:  Suzanne Hidde

Oregon Environmental Council:  Angela Crowley-Koch, Jen Coleman

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon Latino Health Coalition/Oregon Health Equity Alliance: Linda Roman

Oregon Medical Association: Danielle Sobel

Oregon Nurses Association: Catie Theisen

Oregon Pediatric Society: Meg King, Ben Hoffman

Oregon Public Health Institute: Pattie Carlin

Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition:  Neola Young

Oregon School-Based Health Alliance: Maureen Hinman

Oregon School Nurses Association:  Nicky Zimmerman

Oregon School Psychologists Association: Jim Hanson

Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon:  Annie Kirschner, Matt Newell-Ching

Playworks: Jonathan Blasher

Portland Public Schools, Nutrition Services: Asta Garmon, Gitta Grether-Sweeney

Q-Center:  Neola Young

Rogue Valley Farm to School: Tracy Harding

Safe Routes to School National Partnership: Kari Schlosshauer

The Street Trust:  LeeAnne Fergason