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Operating Guidelines

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The name of this Coalition shall be Healthy Kids Learn Better (“HKLB” or “the Coalition”).



The Healthy Kids Learn Better Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations working collectively to promote policies and programs that will reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning.  Our goal is to build supportive funding, leadership and policies on the connections between health and education in order to keep kids safe, healthy, and ready to learn.  The Coalition is at its strongest when the resources of member organizations are aligned in support of a collective vision and agenda.



The affairs of HKLB shall be managed by a Steering Committee elected annually by the members.  The number of Steering Committee members may vary between a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of nine (9).


Term and Election. Steering Committee members shall be elected at the annual June meeting.  The required term of service is one year. A Steering Committee member may be reelected (without limitation on the number of terms s/he may serve). The Steering Committee members shall be elected by a majority of the members at the annual meeting of the members.


Removal.  Any Steering Committee member may be removed, with or without cause, at a steering committee meeting called for that purpose, by vote of a majority of the steering committee members.


Vacancies.  Vacancies on the Steering Committee and newly created Steering Committee positions will be filled by a majority vote of the Steering Committee members then serving.


Quorum and Decision-making.  A quorum at a Steering Committee meeting shall be a majority of the number of Steering Committee Members prescribed herein, or if no number is prescribed, a majority of the number in office immediately before the meeting begins.  If a quorum is present, action is taken by consensus.


The Coalition Steering Committee will strive for consensus whenever possible and practical. If, after due discussion, consensus cannot be reached, the Steering Committee can call for full Coalition input.  If consensus is still not reached after consultation with the full Coalition, then a vote may be taken.  Simple majority rules apply.  Coalition members are entitled to one vote per organization.


Regular meetings.  Regular meetings of the Steering Committee shall be held at the time and place to be determined by the Committee.  No other notice of the date, time, place, or purpose of these meetings is required, except as otherwise provided herein.


Meeting by telecommunication or computer.  Any regular or special meeting of the Steering Committee may be held by telephone, telecommunications, or electronic means, as long as all Steering Committee members have equal opportunity to participate. All Steering Committee members shall be informed that a meeting is taking place at which official business may be transacted.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

  • Meets as needed to conduct the business of the Coalition.
  • Nominate Co-chair(s) for the consideration of the full Coalition.
  • Appoint sub-committees, both standing and ad hoc, to develop recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding the business of the Coalition.
  • Seek out current information, best practices, and innovative strategies to advance HKLB’s mission.
  • Monitor the policy environment affecting the Coalition’s goals and objectives.
  • Develop action plans, goals, objectives, strategies, roles, responsibilities, resources and timelines to advance the Coalition’s policy agenda.
  • Monitor Coalition budget and assure the Coalition resources.
  • Maintain open communication with HKLB’s fiscal sponsor and make timely recommendations to resolve issues of concern.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Steering Committee Co-Chairs

  • Set Steering Committee meeting agendas.
  • Run Steering Committee meetings.
  • Work collaboratively with Coalition members to monitor work plans and maintain clear expectations.
  • Monitor budget



Membership Subcommittee

  • Develops the case and value proposition for HKLB membership, sets annual goals for member retention and expansion, and promotes HKLB membership.
  • Works to assure HKLB membership is broad, including both health and education constituencies, and reflects the diversity of the state.
  • Conducts an annual member survey.
  • Assists staff in addressing individual member questions and concerns.
  • Assures members are oriented to the work of HKLB and trained for tasks as appropriate.
  • Assures members are recognized and thanked regularly in a manner that is meaningful to them.


Member Communications Subcommittee

  • Media campaigns
  • Web based communications
  • New updates
  • Branding


Legislative and Administrative Advocacy Subcommittee

  • Monitors State and Federal legislation that impacts HKLB goals and objectives.
  • Takes the lead in coordinating advocacy activities by the membership, including developing a legislative agenda appropriate to each session and Coalition membership.
  • Prepares and/or delivers written and oral testimony before legislative and administrative bodies.
  • Identifies opportunities to advance HKLB goals through participation in rulemaking and administrative initiatives and helps coordinate HKLB participation.
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations regarding partnerships with other coalitions and groups.
  • Communicate positions to the membership.
  • Oversee plans for actively engaging elected officials.



Membership in HKLB is open to organizations interested in advancing policies and programs that will reduce physical, social and emotional barriers to learning by actively engaging in the work of the Coalition.  HKLB Coalition encourages individuals to participate in HKLB meetings and activities on behalf of a professional, civic, advocacy, or community-based organization that represents their personal and/or professional interests.

HKLB memberships follow organizations, not representatives of organizations.  In the case of the primary representative’s absence, members are encouraged to send an alternate representative from their organization to attend HKLB meetings.  HKLB general meetings are open to all participants interested in the Coalition’s mission and/or activities.


HKLB Member Privileges

  • Elect slate of steering committee members at the annual meeting of members.
  • Receive notice of HKLB members meetings.
  • Serve on HKLB committees.
  • Receive and approve annual work plan.
  • Receive and discuss annual legislative agenda created by legislative subcommittee.
  • It is understood that not all HKLB members will be able to formally endorse some or any of its legislative initiatives.
  • Request voluntary endorsements of initiatives and bills from other members


HKLB Member Responsibilities

  • Participate in HKLB Coalition meetings
  • Appoint/send alternate representative to meetings if primary representative is unavailable
  • Participate actively in the work of the Coalition.
  • Participate in HKLB Coalition sub-committee work as needed and consistent with individual capacities.
  • Contribute annually to the Coalition as specified in the HKLB Member Commitment Letter.
  • Provide in-kind contributions of staff time, material resources, meeting space, refreshments, or other items consistent with their organizational capacities.
  • Provide support of HKLB’s annual legislative agenda if possible.


Non-voting participation in the Coalition. The HKLB Coalition values multi-sector collaboration, which includes partnership with public or governmental organizations or agencies.  Public employees may participate in the Coalition to the extent permissible with their organization or agency.  Public employees who must refrain from policy advocacy activities or lobbying are welcome to contribute information and agency perspectives at the meetings.  



The Oregon School-Based Health Network currently provides office and fiscal management support for an administrative fee.